New Year’s Eve Cocktails

Got caught up in all those other holidays and didn’t plan for New Year’s Eve? No worries! You don’t have to drink whatever bubbly they sell at 7-Eleven while you watch the ball drop. Here’s our last minute guide to ringing in 2013 right.

Get Bubbly

Whether you’re looking for cheap options for a big bash or a special bottle to share with your best friend, we’ve got you covered. Start with our basic guide to sparkling wine, and then check out our picks for affordable party bubbly, delicious sparkling wine under $25, and special bottles to pick up as a gift for your host. Of course, there’s no substitute for real Champagne—here are a few of our favorite nonvintage options.

If you’re going the affordable-bubbly route, consider offering the fixings for a signature sparkling cocktail (or two) as well.


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