Delicious non-alcoholic “mocktails” for summer

A good host remembers to stock up on beer, wine and liquor, but a great host remembers to provide a non-alcoholic option, too. From family-friendly punches to mocktails and virgin cocktails, we’ve got just the thing to keep everyone at the party happy and in good sips. 

Punch Bowls: Serves 15+

If there’s an easier way than punch to make sure everyone has a drink and can help themselves to more, we don’t know what it is. Punches are the secret to stress-free entertaining and we’ve never met one we didn’t like. Try any of these four at your next party for guaranteed success.

Pro tip: for guests over the age of 21 who wish to imbibe, we’re big fans of setting out a tray of airplane-sized bottles of liquor, or small glasses with premeasured amounts that can be added to their glasses. read more here

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