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  • Wednesday January 25th, 2017 seafood-stuffed-shells-vicky-wasik-8
    I’m not sure how it is that I’d never fully realized it until recently, but many of the most famous Italian-American baked pasta dishes are…exactly the same. Manicotti, lasagna, baked ziti, stuffed shells. All. The. Same. Each one combines a type of pasta with ricotta, mozzarella, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and tomato sauce, and calls itself a unique dish. Of course, it’s a winning formula—there’s no argument about ...
  • Friday January 20th, 2017
    Now that the holidays have come and gone, it’s all too common to be looking ahead to warmer months and a solid day off or two from the normal routine. Fortunately, living in Virginia means that vacations are not only possible, but they’re a lot closer and way more affordable than you might have imagined. Many people forget to take advantage of off-season resorts and ...
  • Friday January 20th, 2017 holiday debt
    The holidays may be over, but for many Americans the credit card debt remains. Pre-holiday polls showed that the average shopper planned to spend upwards of $1,000 on gifts, food, and decorations. For those who charged purchases and are now trying to pay down the balance, here are a few tips to reach the goal faster. Look for a lower interest rate. Offers to transfer balances ...
  • Tuesday January 17th, 2017 macaroni-and-cheese
    This macaroni and cheese—this pot of creamy, gooey, cheesy, glorious macaroni and cheese—was made with three ingredients in about 10 minutes. Seriously. That’s one fewer ingredient than you need to add to the pot to make a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese. Not only that, but all three ingredients are staples, with shelf lives of weeks or months, which means that a simple lunch ...
  • Tuesday January 17th, 2017 wine tasting
    Experience a winter wonderland of wine as you sample the intense flavors of our wines direct from the barrels! See how our wines are developing and learn more about the barrel aging process from members of our winemaking team who will be on hand to guide the tasting. For our musical entertainment, we are pleased to welcome back Brad Pugh, from the Washington, DC-based band, ...
  • Thursday January 12th, 2017 chili
    In many ways, I think this is the best time of winter for cooking. There’s no holiday pressure. Our guests have all gone home. We have no real obligations at all. Which means that we get to cook exactly what we want, when we want to, and eat at our leisure. If you’re at home today, I’d say this is the perfect time to drag ...
  • Thursday January 12th, 2017 paintedited
    If you’re like most people, you’ve been spending a lot of time indoors lately. Unfortunately, there are several more months of winter to get through before we start seeing signs of spring. Before you throw your hands up in despair, why not break the monotony by working on your house? After all, you’re stuck inside anyway, and you’re probably searching for something to do that doesn’t ...
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