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  • Wednesday February 15th, 2017 George Washington
    George Washington’s 285th Birthday Celebration  When – Sun, February 19, 11am – 4pm   George Washington Birthplace National Monument joins the world in celebrating the 285th anniversary of the birth of the man who was to widen the tent of freedom and democracy in the world on Sunday, February 19, 2017 from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. Activities will include:   11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. A musical performance ...
  • Wednesday February 15th, 2017 bald_eagle 2
    Saturday, February 18 12:00pm Winter Waterfowl ID When- Sat, February 18, 12pm – 1pm   Where – Caledon State Park 11617 Caledon Rd., King George, VA 22485 (map) Description – Learn to identify the waterfowl that winter on the Potomac River and in the swamps and marshes of Caledon. The introduction to waterfowl identification will be followed by a visit to the waterfront to observe and identify these magnificent wintering ...
  • Wednesday February 15th, 2017 shrimp-fra-diavalo-vicky-wasik-13
    If I buy lobsters to eat at home, there’s only one way I’m going to eat them: cooked whole and dipped in drawn butter. I will crack the shells at the table, I will chew on the legs, I will scoop out and eat the tomalley (damn anyone who says it’s not healthy), and I will pick the body until not a shred of meat ...
  • Thursday February 09th, 2017 Persian cat with veterinarian doctor at vet clinic
    There’s nothing you won’t do for your pet — but wait until you see the vet bill. A national survey by the American Pet Products Association found that pet owners spend an average of $235 annually on routine vet visits for dogs and $196 for cats. That doesn’t include non-routine expenses such as surgical vet visits: $551 and $398 a year on average for dogs ...
  • Thursday February 09th, 2017 Dad's_Cocktails
    What’s more romantic than mixing your sweetheart an elegant cocktail on Valentine’s Day? To turn up the saccharine sentimentality to 11, try a holiday-colored drink. We’ve collected 50 great red and pink cocktails to woo your partner on Valentine’s Day. Nothing says romance like champagne. Our Sicilian 75 is a riff on the French 75 made with blood orange juice, gin, and campari. Or try the ...
  • Thursday February 09th, 2017 girl-laptop
    Have you been spending too much of your time on social media recently? Is that making much of your internet usage wasteful? Social media can be so addictive, so much that we spend hours on it without really noticing. While social media does contribute in healthy discussions and is also our primary source of news and ideas at times, it’s equally likely to encourage us to refrain from learning something ...
  • Thursday February 09th, 2017 manicotti-crepe
    This crepe-style manicotti dish features tender thin pancakes rolled around a rich and creamy veal ragù, layered with tomato sauce, and baked until bubbling and browned. Why It Works: Béchamel makes a creamier, richer, and silkier sauce than the ricotta cheese called for by a lot of other recipes. Also crepes made with milk instead of water have a better, more well rounded flavor. And ...
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