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  • Tuesday August 09th, 2016 bored2
    Do you or your nanny need help thinking of kid-friendly activities for summer? Here are some great ideas to get you started. Ilene Jacobs, Contributor   Summer may be a time to relax, but tell that to kids who are bouncing off the walls or shrieking “I’m bored.” As parents and nannies, we want each summer to be more memorable than the next, and with that comes the need ...
  • Tuesday August 09th, 2016 blue-crab
    August 12th is the deadline to get tickets for the 5th Annual Irvington Crab Festival , which will be held August 13th and feature the music of Jumbo Lump Daddy & the Backfin Boys. The festival will be held at the Irvington Town Commons. Gates open at 4 pm; crabs are served at 5 pm. $50 per person, kids 12 and under $10. Tickets are ...
  • Tuesday August 09th, 2016 Mabry's Mill
    When it comes to beautiful places in Virginia, it would be nearly impossible to single out just one. Visions of the Blue Ridge Mountains, or the Eastern Shore, or rural farmland come quickly to mind. House Beautiful recently published a list of the 50 Most Beautiful Places In All 50 States, and Virginia’s nominee is one with relatively few visitors. The historic Mabry’s Mill is ...
  • Thursday August 04th, 2016 Screen-Shot - scary camp
    The flickering glow of a campfire, a chilling wind, the trees casting mysterious shadows in the moonlight…there are many things about camping that can be downright frightening, even under the best circumstances. And if you factor in a haunted national forest, you’re in for a night that could be truly terrifying. Virginia’s campgrounds are considered among some of the best in the country. Boasting scenic variety ...
  • Thursday August 04th, 2016 pesto
    Pesto, the unique and beloved basil-based sauce that originated in the gorgeous region of Liguria, has become increasingly familiar to food lovers in recent years. Whether it’s imported from Italy or made at home, this crowning glory of Mediterranean cuisine is now paired with a surprisingly diverse array of foods and dishes. Though it hasn’t quite reached the level of popularity of, say, mayonnaise or ...
  • Tuesday August 02nd, 2016 crabs2
    The Lower Middlesex Volunteer Fire Department Crab Feast will be held at the Deltaville Firehouse on Saturday, August 6. Featured will be all-you-can-eat steamed crabs, hamburgers, hot dogs and more from 5-8 p.m. Music by “Honky Tonk Heroes” will be from 8 p.m.-midnight. Tickets are $30 in advance; $35 at gate. Tickets are available at Harrow’s Home Center at Cooks Corner, Hurd’s and J&W Seafood in ...
  • Tuesday August 02nd, 2016 River Restaurant
    There’s nothing quite like a waterfront view, especially as the setting for a delicious meal. Luckily for us, Virginia has so many waterfront restaurants that we’ve actually conjured up a list of places that are set exclusively on rivers. As you might have guessed, this setting is perfect for diving into a plate of Virginia’s finest seafood (or plenty of other entree options). So why ...
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