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  • Thursday October 13th, 2016 RundlettD1-Fishing-Boats--Denmark
    The idea of a fishing town seems almost like something out of a storybook, with coastal landscapes and picture-perfect piers. And yet, these towns have faced the ups and downs of a fishing-based economy, flourishing some years and struggling in others. Even so, Virginia’s fishing towns have remained an important part of the state’s identity. Today, they make for fascinating stops as you travel along ...
  • Thursday October 13th, 2016 comfort_shrimp
    by Jed Portman – South Carolina – October/November 2016 A Chinese-accented take on a Lowcountry favorite All his life, Shuai Wang has loved shrimp and rice. “My mom says I would sit down and eat two or three pounds of shrimp all by myself,” he recalls. Now the Beijing-born, New York–raised chef runs the critically acclaimed Short Grain food truck in a city that appreciates ...
  • Friday October 07th, 2016 eyeball-tacos
    Try these Eyeball tacos. These are a sight to see. I originally made them after finding the recipe last year for Halloween and have since changed the recipe around to make them more eater-friendly. The smiles you will receive are priceless! Try to find the widest taco shells possible if you are not making your own. We call them “Johnny 5 Tacos” as they resemble the ...
  • Friday October 07th, 2016 evil_grin_pumpkin-carving
    Halloween is all about horror and terrifying others in the maximum way possible either by wearing spooky dresses, applying dark makeups or with the howling Halloween settings. Pumpkins cannot be put aside when it comes to Halloween because you know people watch the ambiance more when an event comes so it is very pertinent if carved pumpkins are put in the background.  They can be ...
  • Friday October 07th, 2016 halloween-tin-can-luminaries
    With Halloween just around the corner, now’€™s the time to get into the Halloween spirit with some gorgeous and spooky decorations. But, don’t go about splurging money on store-bought stuff this year, instead spruce the festive season by making them all by yourself. Surprise everyone with your dark and evil side using these 45 Breathtaking And Effortless DIY Halloween Decorations. Halloween home ideas More ideas here Halloween party ...
  • Thursday October 06th, 2016 duck-dynasty-halloween-costumes
    Every year it’s the same story with Halloween. You carve pumpkins, eat gobs of candy and, most of all, you spend weeks agonizing over finding the perfect costume. It’s never too soon to start planning your Halloween costume, especially if you want to coordinate a get-up with a friend or significant other. Thankfully, Pinterest exists. While we already know that there will be plenty of ...
  • Thursday September 29th, 2016 comfort_chicken_land
    Pickle-Brine Dipped Chicken Photo: Johnny Autry by Jed Portman – North Carolina – October/November 2016 North Carolina’s answer to Nashville hot chicken It came from Piedmont North Carolina, where Benjamin Franklin Cureton, of Frankie’s Chicken Shack in Salisbury, had the brainstorm to plunge fried chicken into the vinegar-based, tomato-tinged barbecue sauce native to nearby Lexington. Dipped chicken—the sweet-sour-spicy-crunchy result—kept Frankie’s in business from 1942 to 2004, and ...
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