31 Thirst-Quenching Drinks for Labor Day from Serious Eats

If you’re throwing a Labor Day bash this year, your guests will need a few beverages to cool off with after all those smoky, charred dishes from the grill. Beer and wine are probably necessary—see our picks here for great, affordable summer wines—but a good cocktail or two, like a lemony Diablo-inspired punch or an amazingly refreshing pineapple-and-IPA pitcher cocktail, will undoubtedly be a special treat. On a hot day especially, and if you have a small enough group that you can blitz frozen cocktails to order, you can’t go wrong with a frosty frozen Negroni, or a Daiquiri sweetened with peaches. But don’t forget that a good host provides nonalcoholic drinks, too! Basics like perfectly tart-and-sweet lemonade and the best iced tea, or fancier zero-proof options, like a nonalcoholic rhubarb lime gimlet, will add variety to your menu and provide a more fun choice than water or soda for non-drinkers.

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