Stray Dogs Targeted In Urbanna

At least one Urbanna resident says the town has gone to the dogs… literally. Ginger Reagan of Urbanna says she wants to see town council enact a dog leash law. Reagan says she believes there is a liability for the township if something isn’t done to prevent a person from being injured by a stray or loose dog, if if another animal is attacked or killed by stray dog. Reagan told the Urbanna Town Council at the recent meeting, that she has safety concerns about roaming dogs after a friend of hers says her dog, which was on a leash at the time, was attacked by some loose dogs. Reagan says she personally has noticed more and more stray dogs in her neighborhood on Rappahannock Avenue. Some she says, appear to be dropped off from out of town too. Reagan says another problem is that wandering dogs come up on her porch and urinate there. Council took no action but is said to be looking into the issue.

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