Gasoline prices continue plunge

RICHMOND, Va. — The next time you fill up the tank, you will notice you are paying a price we haven’t seen in years.

“I’m happy about the gas prices because the gas prices are going down,” driver William ‘Billy’ Glenn said.

The extra savings are allowing Glenn, who is retired to have more of a disposable income.

“I feel things are getting better with gas prices going down,” Glenn said. “I’m excited about that.”

The excitement Glenn has, may be here to stay according to Tammy Arnette with Mid-Atlantic AAA.

“Demand is lower so people are driving less,” Arnette said. “Usually in winter we see gas prices come down.”

Already the price at the pump is $.19 cheaper in Virginia, compared to what the cost last month.

“Virginians are saving about $1,200 per year based on the peak of gas prices this year,” Arnette said. “Americans are saving roughly $200 million per day in gasoline compared to a year ago.”

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