Cox Questioned About Closure Plans

Cox Com­mu­ni­ca­tions says it plans to close its Solu­tions Store on Fox Mill Cen­tre Park­way in mid-November for what it calls a lack of use. Some Glouces­ter Super­vi­sors how­ever, are tak­ing excep­tion to that plan, say­ing the tim­ing is poor, considering the county is now explor­ing options for improv­ing broad­band ser­vice. Cox is con­trac­tu­ally oblig­ated to main­tain a Glouces­ter store­front busi­ness, unless the board of super­vi­sors agrees to let them out of that agree­ment. Cox rep­re­sen­ta­tive Bar­rett Stork appeared before the gov­ern­ing body dur­ing its meet­ing this week, to explain the company’s deci­sion in want­ing to close the store, which he said is due to “very low cus­tomer traf­fic.” Accord­ing to Stork, an aver­age Solu­tions Store nor­mally assists about 7,300 shop­pers per month; how­ever, the Glouces­ter store aver­ages only about 15 per­cent of that with approx­i­mately 1,118 cus­tomers per month. He said even then, most of those who come in are there sim­ply to pay their bill or to make changes to their exist­ing ser­vice, not to order new goods or ser­vices. The board is expected to make a final deci­sion on the request next month.

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