About Us


Office Number: 804-435-1414

General Manager: Dennis Burchill  dburchill@tworivers.net

Operations Manager: Ron Jeffries  rjeffries@tworivers.net

Business Manager: Deanna Chadwick  dchadwick@tworivers.net 

Account Managers:
Maeghaen Eley  meley@tworivers.net
Cammie Smith  csmith@tworivers.net
Nancy Travers  ntravers@tworivers.net

We are located at 101 Radio Road in Kilmarnock VA, 22482. Two Rivers Communications, Inc. uses many resources to advertise a full time job opening with our company. This is to let as many people know as possible about each opening. If you would like to be added to the list or know of any organization that would like to know of our job openings, please call us at 804-435-1414. Or email dburchill@tworivers.net.

Two Rivers Communications, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. P.O. Box 819, Kilmarnock VA 22482 Click Here to Download a copy of our 2014 EEO Report To submit a resume, please email: jobs@tworivers.net

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